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 Transit Surveillance Systems, (TSS) entered the transit digital video recording market in 1997 providing the transit industry with the first ruggized network capable digital video recording system. For the past ten years TSS has continued to be on the cutting edge of private industry’s technological advancements offering its customers hardware & software features that have been unmatched in the transit surveillance industry. TSS has an ongoing commitment to continue providing our customers with the best the industry has to offer in both quality of product and unmatched customer support. 



In 1998 TSS developed the DVS-1 digital video recording system. The TSS DVS series of digital recorders used a Windows based operating system which enabled TSS to interface with commercial hardware and software products taking advantage of new technology without a complete redesigning of the product. Live video from all cameras could be transmitted to a remote laptop with TSS software & hardware. In 2002, TSS was the first company to implement wireless technology to automatically transfer video event/alarm files to a playback review station when the vehicle returned to the yard, thus eliminating the need for removable harddrive data packs. More importantly we were saving valuable man hours for the transit agency reducing annual operational costs.

In 2003 TSS was the first company to develop and implement an E-mail “Health Maintenance Report” sent upon system startup to the maintenance department, conveying system operating status information, such as camera operation, recording operation, and hard drive operation. This gives the maintenance department the ability to be proactive and act quickly to repair inoperable cameras before potentially crucial video data is lost.

In February 2005, TSS made the commitment to develop a Linux based operating system, representing a substantial investment of effort and finances over the next 12 months. To serve a growing variety of customer requirements, and to utilize the best of current technology, TSS is committed to providing the most comprehensive and user friendly wireless digital recording system available to the transit industry. The Linux operating system now provides the most stable and reliable recording platform available. The new wireless features such as “Scheduled Recorded Video Data Transfer” allow a supervisor at his workstation to pre-schedule video for automatic uploads from buses when they return to the yard during the night. TSS also added a web based health maintenance report to monitor real time system operating conditions to further enable the maintenance technician to evaluate the system. The effectiveness and advantages of a Linux digital video recording system coupled with wireless video file transfer capability has proven both reliable and cost effective.

TSS has installed over 700 wireless systems in the past four years. Installation subcontractors are available for on-site installations. The service and warranty personnel have been committed employees with TSS since the inception of the surveillance systems and are skilled technicians and software experts.

TSS is a registered dba of Westcoast Performance Products U.S.A., Inc. (WPP) which was incorporated in 1984. WPP  developed a high volume manufacturing business that served a wide variety of industries over the next 15 years. In 2003, WPP sold its manufacturing contracts and through TSS focused on the development, assembly and distribution of digital video surveillance systems. Today, all design, assembly, and testing for these digital video surveillance systems is performed at the corporate facility in Anaheim, CA.