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Transit Surveillance Systems is proud to announce their development of revolutionary Customer Direct Communication System. Using it's experience in ruggedized systems for the transit industry as well as experience in wireless transfer of audio and video data, TSS has developed a product that has
endless applications!
Transit Digital Advertizing : CDC Video-Player was specifically developed to pinpoint your advertising efforts and give you direct communications with your customers.CDC provides you with a unique opportunity to interact with your customers at your dealership locations.  Advertising content can be modified for different geographical locations and customer needs.  We can customize the advertising content to keep it in sync with your regional advertising programs.

Basic Theory of Operation : Customer provides CDC with print ad content and video commercial content.CDC uploads this new content to our "main media server".  The CDC video player checks once per hour with our "main media server" for new advertising content and downloads it. The video player plays the new playlist with the new video content.

CDC Technology : The CDC Video-Player standard configuration utilizes a 20 inch LCD screen displaying both high-quality video and stereo audio.

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Anaheim, CA 92806
                                    (714) 765-0291

Display Templates : Many different templates are available for the video content. Each template allows a customer to customize the look and feel of their advertising presence. For example some templates offer full video coverage of the entire screen. Others offer partial video content for several areas for print and type advertisements.

Additionally banner ads like tickertape communications can be ran across the top and the bottom of the screen.

Onboard vehicle equipment :

Transit vehicles can be equipped with single or multiple 17" or 20" inch glare free vandal resistant LCD flat screens on each bus or rail car.

A wireless 802.11 network connection is established each time the vehicle comes to the bus                            maintenance yard. With every network connection the CDC Video Player checks with our main server via the          Internet for any new content or adjustment to the playlist.