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Wireless LAN System Configuration




Live Wireless Video Transmission

The TW4-8 wireless system configuration allows remote viewing of the vehicle’s on board cameras while the vehicle is running in the yard area or offsite during operations. During operation the vehicle’s cameras can be monitored live by utilizing the TSS wireless briefcase from a distance of 800-1000 feet. There must be a clear line of site to the bus from the supervisor car which utilizes the wireless briefcase connected to a standard laptop configured with TSS software.

When an agency is tasked with managing a fleet wide video surveillance application the TSS wireless system provides a powerful tool for recorded video data management tasks and fleet operational status.

The wireless system eliminates the need and man power time to remove hard drive data packs to view recorded video.


TSS offers the TW4-8 recorder equipped with an 802.11 g wireless capability provides the following features:

All these features are completed without having to leave the office.




















On the fly, camera view can be made changed to enlarge cameras or select different cameras to view







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    Video Playback software

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