Additional Information:

TSS Product Information
    Single Page Brochure.pdf
    Complete TSS Brochure.pdf
    Transit Witness 4 brochures:
        Single Page TW4.pdf
        TW4 - LIMO INDUSTRY.pdf

Customer Direct Communication Documents:
CDC - Advertizing panels.pdf (transit industry)
CDC - Advertizing panels.pdf (retail industry)

DVR Setup Instructions
TW4 Basement Wiring Diagram.pdf
System Conf & Health Status Web Page.pdf

DVR Software Instructions
DVR Finder Instructions.pdf
Downloading Video Files to Laptop.pdf
Formatting Removable Data Pack Instr.pdf
TW4 Player Program Overview & Inst.pdf

Incident Report Sample
the following file is a incident report showing various camera view for vehicle signoff.
Incident Report Sample.pdf



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Anaheim, CA 92806
                                    (714) 765-0291

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Sample Video
Current and potential TSS customers are welcome to download the latest public version of the TSS  Video Downloader & Playback Software.

for directions on software and install click here
Please download sample 2 minute video file which demonstrates our high quality video and audio recording. (file is 55 MB)